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Applications in UPS & Switching Power Supplies

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Applications in UPS & Switching Power Supplies
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The common mode inductance and peak suppressors are all small signal working states, which require that the larger the inductance is better, the inductance L is proportional to the effective permeability, and the same size of the iron core, the higher the higher, the larger the L. So choose superfine crystal alloy material to make the common-mode inductor core can greatly decrease the size of magnetic core, especially for large current, high power under the condition of common-mode inductor core, has a good cost performance, replace ferrite beads. General this type of effective permeability of ferrite in around 10000, effective permeability and superfine crystal alloy can 8 ~ 100000 mu e, also requires inductance, only 1/8 ~ 1/10 of the former, the latter magnetic core size both unit price difference about 4 ~ 5 times, superfine crystal alloy obviously more competitive. As a military three-phase switching power supply, working current 100 a, a Φ 130 x 130 x Φ Φ 30 mm superfine crystal alloy core instead of four.

Peak suppressor is common noise interference in switching power supply device, the device of the inductor is small in size, large amount of inductance, and therefore require magnetic core material has high magnetic permeability, ever use Co based amorphous alloy to make such small inductors, due to the high Co content, the price is expensive, difficult, now with superfine crystal belt replacement Co based amorphous alloy, making this kind of small iron core inductors series, greatly reduce the cost.

common mode inductance

For switching power supply smooth filter output inductance, differential mode input inductor ring without cutting iron core.

Performance characteristics:

It has the advantages of small thermal resistance, low attenuation, large power, wide working frequency, light weight, reasonable structure, easy surface mount, and good shielding effect.

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