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Applications in EVCI

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Applications in EVCI
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Silicon iron core is widely used, its internal form a uniform air gap, the magnetization, the distribution of air gap can save considerable energy, it has the inductance good linearity, low loss, small size, temperature, balance, good dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, and low noise. The operation ability of charging pile has higher reliability, high power density, no noise, long service life and so on.

Silicon iron core

PFC inductor magnetic core material has ferrite core and iron silicon core 2 kinds. Ferrosilicon magnetic flux density (BS) is high, small in volume, low in loss, uniform air gap, and does not increase the excess air gap loss. It's better than the ferrite core. Due to the "soft saturation" characteristic of the uniform air gap, it is safer to work under the dc bias, and it will not enter the saturated zone and lead to the failure of the electronic components. Therefore, PFC inductors are applied to various types of power sources, especially the charging piles of new energy vehicles.

Performance characteristics:

Saturation magnetic induction intensity, high permeability, low coercivity, low loss and good stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high cost performance.

It can meet all kinds of requirements such as charging pile, charging pile module, car charger, etc.

Silicon iron core

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