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July 15, 2020

Amorphous Alloy, The Ideal Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Material

Amorphous alloy is an ideal material for energy saving and environmental protection, and its specific performance is as follows:

1. Environmental protection: After technical inspection and determination, the use of amorphous materials to reduce harmful gases such as CO, SO, NO, etc., reduces the degree of air pollution, and is called "green products" in the field of power conversion.

2. Energy saving: Amorphous alloy materials have excellent magnetic permeability, which is more convenient for magnetization or demagnetization with rare energy consumption. In the power field, the no-load damage consumption of amorphous alloy transformers is one-quarter of the no-load damage consumption of other transformers, and the energy-saving effect is clear at a glance. For areas where the power load fluctuates greatly, such as roads, urban infrastructure and residential quarters, the energy-saving benefits of amorphous alloy transformers are more obvious. Because the energy-saving effect is very good, it can reduce the consumption of combustion materials for power generation in thermal power plants, thereby making it more environmentally friendly.

Because the manufacturing of amorphous alloys requires a unique process, it has a certain degree of difficulty compared to silicon steel ferrites, so the manufacturing cost is relatively high; because SAT adopts the ZERO-WASTE method, the products produced not only have significant energy-saving effects, but also reduce costs.

Therefore, SAT is widely praised by customers. At the same time, amorphous motors have been modified on CNC machines in SAT's own factories to make them more energy-saving and more efficient.

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