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SAT Amorphous Is Further Improved Under High Requirements By Passing ABB Strict Audit

July 15, 2020

SAT Amorphous Is Further Improved Under High Requirements By Passing ABB Strict Audit

The world's top 500 enterprises, ABB Group, once again audited SAT Amorphous Huizhou manufacturing base. ABB's strict, comprehensive, and fair-style continued during the audit. During the audit, ABB auditors highly evaluated the advantages of the SAT Amorphous industrial chain. After ten years of hard work, SAT Amorphous has established a series of product lines from raw materials to final products, including amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbon, electronic inductors, common mode chokes, and aluminum heatsinks.  The four major product lines of the four workshops create a one-stop manufacturing base for the amorphous industry chain. It is the only supplier in the global amorphous field with such a complete upstream and downstream industry chain. The three core cost components of amorphous reactors: magnetic core, copper wire assembly, aluminum heatsinks, SAT Amorphous all have independent manufacturing production lines, the core material used to manufacture the amorphous core: amorphous strip, has also been launched a 1,000-ton jetting production line and an automatic production line for p aluminum heatsinks with a medium-sized scale of 2,500tons. SAT Amorphous has the manufacturing advantages of a complete industrial chain and contributes to the use of and promotion of amorphous materials. David Liao, general manager of SAT Amorphous, mentioned that ABB is one of the company's earliest strategic partners. The company has always put product quality first, from raw materials, procurement, manufacturing processes, and purchase and shipment, product formulation, process change control, strength Starting with testing, product confirmation, etc., to ensure that all kinds of products produced by SAT Amorphous can better serve customers.

Shenzhen Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd. passed the ABB Group audit for the first time in 2012. The factory has obtained OHSAS 18000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and other system certifications. All products have passed RoHS certification. When it was again audited by the ABB Group recently, the factory passed the audition again. As an excellent partner in the amorphous industry, SAT tries its best to provide high-quality products and services to buyers. contributing to the promotion of amorphous materials and clean energy applications.

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