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August 03, 2020

The Application of Amorphous Alloy in Sensor Field

Amorphous soft magnetic material can reduce energy consumption, minimize the noise of electronic circuits of electrical products, and are also environmentally friendly products. Ordinary alloys have a regular metal crystal structure, while the atoms of amorphous alloys are randomly distributed. Due to this random distribution of atoms, the magnetic properties of amorphous alloys are anisotropic. In addition, the increase in resistivity, the amorphous thin ribbon significantly reduces the eddy current loss, so the magnetic properties are significantly improved. In SAT, we have manufactured iron-based amorphous alloys through a liquid rapid cooling method. This method of rapid cooling at a rate of about one million degrees per second can prevent the metal from solidifying into an amorphous structure instead of a normal ordered crystal structure.

Due to the advantages of amorphous structure, amorphous alloy has become a choice for soft electronic products (stretchable and wearable electronic products). In particular, Fe based alloys have been studied in many fields due to their high electrical conductivity and excellent combination with other materials.

An electronic skin (e-skin) is a combination of sensors that sense various stimuli. Although electronic skins that mimic various structures and sensations in nature (including those in the human body) are being studied, it is still a challenge to develop electronic skins with high durability and various detection equipment.

Human body attachable devices will inevitably require flexible sensors. Flexible electronic skins can be used in the fields of healthcare and humanoid robots. The realization of such devices requires a high performance, high reliability, and health monitoring system that can be connected to the human body. Therefore, a high-performance, multi-functional (pressure, temperature, optical sensor and heater) device made of amorphous alloy, the device is suitable for maintaining integrity even under external types of forces (such as stretching and bending). The wearable electronic device is the best choice. Because the iron-based amorphous alloy has excellent mechanical properties and retains certain electrical properties under physical stimulation such as bending or stretching, on the flexible substrate, the resistance change pressure sensor, temperature sensor and photoelectric sensor of amorphous metal. It can be used to check the health of the user, thus ensuring the feasibility of the electronic skin. At the same time, a micro heater can be used to inject appropriate medicine. The electronic skin integrates multifunctional sensors with excellent performance and can be used in a variety of applications, such as human-computer interaction interfaces, healthcare monitoring systems, and even medical diagnostic equipment.

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