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July 15, 2020

Outdoor Application of Amorphous Alloy Ribbon Geothermal System

The homogeneous, non-boundary structure of amorphous metal alloys provides unique mechanical, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and electromagnetic properties, making amorphous metal alloys more superior than conventional crystalline metals in many aspects and more room for performance expansion. When energized, the amorphous alloy ribbon will generate far-infrared radiant heat, which is the most ideal heating element for geothermal systems.

Compared with the surface area of traditional heating cables, the surface area of the amorphous ribbon is larger, and it can efficiently transfer heat to the surrounding environment when its own temperature is low. In a home heating environment, lower heating element temperature means a healthier environment and higher safety and durability.

The outdoor working temperature of the amorphous alloy strip is about 70°C, which can generate the required heat energy (up to 62 watts/m) according to the demand. It is suitable for working in any scene and is suitable for various sports facilities (soccer field, rugby field, golf Stadiums, tennis courts, etc.), roads, bridges, airport runways, parking ramps, and short-lane snow melting and deicing ideal tools. It is an ideal method for agricultural greenhouse heating and soil heating, which is conducive to better crop growth.

Outdoor heating system

Amorphous alloy strip snow and ice melting system is an ideal solution for external concrete, asphalt, paving stones, gravel, lawns, grasslands (sports fields), etc.

Heating element performance

The heating element is used for a fixed voltage. Both high and low voltage, AC and DC are available.

Geometric size

The heating pad is designed to cover 20% of the nominal heating area, usually from 15% to 30% of the area coverage is possible.

Electrical indicators

The normal output power of each heating pad is 250-400 watts/m², which is specified on the label of each heating pad.

Advantages in outdoor applications

Reach working temperature quickly

The heating zone has a large heat transfer area, and the speed to reach the ideal temperature is faster than the pipeline plumbing or heating cable heating system buried deeper under the ground.

It generates more uniform heat

Amorphous alloy strip heating pad is composed of a wide metal strip, which can cover at least 20% of the ground area (compared to only 1% to 3% coverage of heating cables), this high coverage rate The ground surface provides uniform heat.

Superior cost and more economical operation

Amorphous alloy strip heating system can reduce operating time and reduce operating costs. Because the thickness of the amorphous alloy ribbon is very small (25 microns), the heating element itself does not store heat energy. The heating ribbon can convert all electrical energy into heat energy, and all heat will be dissipated to the surrounding area-this situation reduces energy consumption, The operating cost is very economical.

It has an ultra-thin section and excellent flexibility

The heating belt is only 25 microns thick, and the total thickness of the heating pad, including double insulation, is less than 2.5 mm. It is suitable for new buildings and also for decoration, renovation and renovation projects, which means that the ground height is hardly changed during decoration. And very easy to install.

Durable, robust design in compliance with harsh conditions

Due to the high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance of the amorphous heating belt, outdoor products are very reliable, durable, and have excellent safety. They are also safe against electric shock and electromagnetic radiation.

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