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Advantages of Amorphous Materials in Multiple Industries

July 15, 2020

Advantages of Amorphous Materials in Multiple Industries

Amorphous alloy is a high-tech green material that combines manufacturing energy saving and application energy saving. The manufacturing of amorphous alloy materials uses advanced rapid solidification technology, saving about 80% of energy consumption in the manufacturing process, and the manufacturing process has no pollution emissions, achieving green manufacturing.

Compared with silicon steel sheets, amorphous alloy ribbons have the advantages of low hysteresis loss, high magnetic permeability, and low electrical conductivity. The manufacturing process uses advanced planar flow continuous casting technology to achieve the shortest process in the metallurgical process, comparable to cold rolling The production of silicon steel can save energy by 80%; the use of amorphous materials in distribution transformers can reduce the no-load loss by 60 to 80% compared to silicon steel transformers. In the current distribution network, amorphous transformers are favored because of their obvious energy-saving effect. In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the problems of poor short-circuit resistance and higher noise in amorphous distribution transformers in the past have been effectively solved, especially in applications such as new technologies, new processes and new designs, amorphous alloy transformers have gained more customers sure. Amorphous alloy materials will be one of the best standard materials for distribution transformers.

Application in rural power distribution

Amorphous transformer is a transformer made of amorphous material instead of silicon steel sheet. Its outstanding features are low no-load loss and small no-load current. Compared with the same type of series transformer, no-load loss is reduced by 70%~80%, no-load current is reduced by 40%~60%, and load loss is reduced by 20%~30%. The light-load or no-load operation time of the distribution transformer in the rural power grid accounts for 70% to 80% of the total operation time. In arid areas irrigated by machine wells, the load variation gap is greater, and it is particularly suitable for the use of amorphous alloy transformers, which can generate huge energy-saving potential.

Power distribution applications in the oil field

Oil wells based on oil fields have a wide distribution range, and the distance between oil wells is mostly far. To reduce power loss, one oil well or several oil wells that are close to each other share a dedicated distribution transformer. As far as the return on investment of the transformer is concerned in the short term, when the load rate is low, the investment recovery period of the amorphous alloy transformer is the shortest.

Application in marine equipment

In recent years, the number of ships using AC high-voltage power devices has been increasing. Ship codes generally recommend that the nominal system voltage of ship AC high-voltage devices be 3~15kV. At present, in the developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan, the output of marine transformers has accounted for more than 20% of the output of distribution transformers. In complete substations, marine transformers have accounted for 80 to 90%. Amorphous alloy materials have great advantages in the use of marine transformers.

Application in rail transit

Taking a 18.5 km long subway line in Guangzhou as an example, its power consumption reached 155, 320 kW·h on March 2rd, 2015, and its power transformer no-load loss was calculated as 0.4% of the total electricity. The load loss can be at least 0.28%, which is 435 kW·h, saving 158, 737kW·h a year, energy saving electricity is 159, 000 RMB, the economic benefit is obvious, converted to reduce the consumption of standard coal 63.5 tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 158.3 tons, has good environmental benefits.

Application in data center

Amorphous alloy transformers are used in the data center, which can greatly save energy. Compared with ordinary transformers, amorphous alloy transformers have very good magnetic permeability. The process of demagnetization and magnetization is very easy to complete, which is helpful to reduce losses, increase payload and increase efficiency. It is no-load than silicon steel sheets as iron core transformers. Loss is reduced by about 80%, and energy savings of 25% to 50% can also be achieved during operation.

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