Advantages of using nanocrystalline cores in inverter power supply

September 07 , 2020

Advantages of using nanocrystalline in inverter power supply

Nanocrystalline core additionally has these advantages (comparing with silicon steel, permalloy, and ferrite cores):

High magnetic induction

The magnetic induction in the saturation state is twice that of permalloy and several times that of ferrite cores. The transformer core power is large, which can exceed 15 kW~20kW/kg.

High permeability

The magnetic permeability of the transformer coil used to output the power is several times that of the ferrite core, which greatly reduces the output power of the excitation current and improves the high efficiency of the transformer.

Low loss

In the frequency range of 20kHz~50kHz, the loss of nanocrystalline core is 1/2~1/5 of the ferrite core, and it can significantly reduce the heat generation of the transformer core.

High Curie temperatur

The Curie temperature of the nanocrystalline core is 570℃, and the Curie temperature of the ferrite core is only 180℃~200℃.

Therefore, the nanocrystalline inductor in inverter power supply can improve the switching power supply as follows:

1. Reduced loss and lower temperature of the transformer. Long-term specific applications of many customers have confirmed that the temperature of the nanocrystalline transformer is much lower than that of the IGBT water pipe.

2. The high permeability of the nanocrystalline transformer core reduces the output power of the excitation current, reduces the copper loss, and improves the high efficiency of the transformer. The primary and secondary inductors of the transformer are large, which reduces the impact of the current on the IGBT water pipe when the power is switched on and off.

3. High magnetic induction and high power during work, which can exceed 15KW/kg. The volume of the transformer core is reduced. It is a power inverter power supply. The reduction in volume promotes the expansion of the indoor space in the main box, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the IGBT water pipe heat pipe.

4. The load capacity of the transformer is strong, because the magnetic inductance is selected to be around 40% of the magnetic inductance in the saturation state. Destroy the IGBT water pipe.

5. The Curie temperature of the nanocrystalline magnetic ring is high. It is assumed that when the temperature exceeds about 100°C, the ferrite core transformer can no longer work, but the nanocrystalline core transformer can completely work normally.

This advantage of nanocrystalline has been understood and selected by more and more switching power supply manufacturers. SAT Amorphous has long used nanocrystalline transformer cores and used it for many years. SAT Amorphous nanocrystalline products have been widely used in inverter welding machines, power supply systems, electrolytic power supply for electroplating process, inductionheating equipment, charging power supply and other industries at this stage. There will be more substantial improvements in the next several years.

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