Nanocrystalline No Ferrite

September 10 , 2020

Nanocrystalline No Ferrite

In switching power supplies, nanocrystalline common mode chokes have better characteristics than ferrite core common-mode chokes, the surge current and spike voltage they generate will form interference sources. If not suppressed, these interferences will cause damage to the load equipment or the switching power supply itself. In EMI filter circuits, differential mode is often used inductance and common mode inductance are used for corresponding suppression. The differential mode inductance is mainly responsible for filtering out the differential mode interference signal between the two wires of the input or output end, and the common mode inductance is mainly responsible for filtering out the common mode interference signal of the two incoming wires.

The commonly used common mode filters are mainly ferrite core materials. However, the weakness of ferrite is also obvious, such as poor temperature characteristics, low saturation magnetic induction, etc., so it is more restricted in its application.

Nanocrystalline alloy is an excellent common-mode choke magnetic material that has emerged in recent years. It has the following advantages:

1. Excellent frequency curve characteristics,

2. High saturation magnetic induction intensity,

3. High stability,

4. Excellent high temperature resistance,

It has excellent electrical characteristics between the frequency of 1K-30MHz, especially the high impedance characteristics shown in the low frequency range of 10K-100KHz, which is unmatched by the common mode chokes of ferrite cores. It is very suitable for power grids and various applications. EMC/EMI common mode interference filtering in power supply and protection of precision electronic equipment, etc.

Making full use of the materials and technology of electronic and electrical equipment, SAT Amorphous is the electronics distributor which has continued to research and manufacture nanocrystalline alloy/amorphous choke filters in the early stage, and can also provide customers with excellent choke coils. In nanocrystalline materials With the help of, we can design smaller and higher performance products for customers.

SAT Amorphous can customize nanocrystalline common mode filters according to the actual needs of customers. The main characteristics of nanocrystalline common mode chokes are:

●Nanocrystalline material with high permeability,

Smaller size, good air permeability,

High inductance/high impedance,

●Low temperature rise and low DC resistance,

Stable frequency noise suppression performance in a wide frequency range,

●Good temperature characteristics.

SAT Amorphous, we make energy more efficient.

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