Common Mode Chokes (CMC)

September 21 , 2020

Common Mode Chokes (CMC)

Common Mode Chokes (CMC)

A choke coil is an inductor designed to have a very big reactance at a determined frequency or frequency range. The common-mode inductor is essentially a two-way filter: on the one hand, it must filter out common-mode electromagnetic interference on the signal line, and on the other hand, it must restrain itself from emitting electromagnetic interference to avoid affecting the normal operation of other electronic devices in the same electromagnetic environment.

Choke coils are widely used in electronic appliances, like television, air conditioner, refrigerator as well as in many other devices by acting like filters. Common mode choke coils are useful in a broad range of precaution of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) of feed lines and for precaution of malfunctioning of several electronic appliances. Additionally, common mode choke coils are also used in circuits like CC-CC converters and load circuits to reduce the noise resulted from the leaks of each part of feed line. SAT Amorphous is a pro manufacturer of electronic components for more than 10 years.

The Key advantages:

1. Reduction of common mode currents,

2. Lower voltage in differential mode in wirings close to points where common mode currents flow,

3. Lower electric field strength in the installation,

4. The coil act as a low-pass filter, it blocks currents originating in induced voltages in outputs to electromagnetic waves.

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