Nanocrystalline Cores Make Tough Issues Easier

September 15 , 2020

Nanocrystalline Cores Turn Tough Issues Easy

Tough problems have been solved when ferrite cores were replaced by nanocrystalline soft magnetic cores.

(1) Noise

In the process of working with electrical appliances, noise is mainly generated in the following two aspects:

1. Due to the magnetostriction index of the raw material itself, such as ferrite, noise always occurs in the application. And because of the different composition of nanocrystalines, the magnetostriction index is also different. For example, as output transformer, voltage transformer, common-mode filter, etc., the use of iron-based nanocrystalline ribbons reduces the magnetostrictive index. According to customer applications, the noise problem has been greatly improved.

2. The problem at the rectifier circuit level, the direct current in the power supply circuit causes the magnetic induction intensity of the transformer core to increase, thereby causing noise. Tests have proved that noise is directly proportional to the intensity of magnetic induction at work. SAT Amorphous has adopted corresponding countermeasures on the power circuit, so that the nanocrystalline transformer core produced has few noise problems for many years.

(2) The problem of ductility

Before technical improvements, the ductility of the nanocrystalline transformer core was manifested, which was not only a hot potato for simple installation, but also easily caused a short-circuit failure of the power circuit. SAT Amorphous has undergone many years of practical activities, scientific research, adjustment of ingredients and processing technology, the ductility of nanocrystalline ribbons has been greatly improved. After the composition is adjusted, the flexibility of the strip has been significantly improved. In addition, in the processing technology of manufacturing transformer cores, the operation of filling the transformer cores with glue not only promotes the overall strength of the transformer cores, but also fixes the interlayer gaps of the ribbons, making it difficult to cause common problems. Therefore, while eliminating the ductility problem of the transformer core, the working noise is also reduced.

(3) Consistency issues

Consistency is related to the scale of manufacturing operations and the capacity of production equipment. In terms of quality, 1,000 tons of amorphous ribbons can be sprayed by 1,000-ton machine and 100-ton machine. Obviously, the products from the former machine has better consistency in composition and magnetic energy than the latter one. Therefore, a large scale of manufacturing and operation and a large production line equipment volume are more beneficial to consistency. SAT Amorphous has furnace and spray machine with an annual output of 1,000 tons.

(4) Application issues

Applications are usually the most concerned by customers, especially those who are cooperating for the first time and have a demand for nanocrystalline materials. In the past several years, nanocrystalline applications have become more and more common, not only for inverter welding machines, but also many electroplating equipment, intermediate frequency induction furnaces, battery charging equipment, power systems, UPS switching power supplies, X-ray film machine, switching power supplies, lasers Industries, generators and AC motor speed control switching power supplies have increased their application proportions. For example, due to the insufficient performance of ferrite core, it is necessary to use multiple ferrite cores at the same time to meet the output power. However, only one nanocrystalline transformer core is required. From the cost point of view, the price of a single ferrite core may have an advantage, and the total price of multiple transformer cores will be higher than the price of nanocrystalline transformer cores.

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