Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Cores-Not Only for Applications in 2020

November 17 , 2020

Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Cores-Not Only for Applications in 2020

In the "global" sense, the design provided by the nanocrystalline core is quite competitive, and the cost saving is not only reflected in the core itself, but also from the intelligent system solutions.

The advantages of the ideal soft magnetic alloy:

1. Low loss --- High efficiency, no cooling requirements

2. High flux density --- Light weight, small size, higher cost performance,

3. High permeability --- Small number of turns, less copper wire, and low stray inductance,

4. Wide applicable temperature range --- No safety margin required,

5. Others --- Stronger and more corrosion resistant,

Due to magnetostriction, materials with high magnetic permeability are generally more sensitive to mechanical stress. If they have high magnetic permeability but are not so sensitive to mechanical stress, then a toroid core or C cut core is a more suitable one. The nanocrystalline core is made of a thin nanocrystalline ribbon, which is by far the most economical manufacture method. Although winding a toroidal coil is more challenging than a bobbin, the unique combination of soft magnetic properties provided by nanocrystalline alloys over a wider frequency and temperature range makes up for this deficiency. When used at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, the magnetic properties of nanocrystalline are better than that of permalloy, and at the same time, it has better damping performance below 30 MHz than the ferrite in the common mode choke.

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permeability - frequency of nanocrystalline cores with different permeability levels

Nanocrystalline Core Applications

Compared with ferrite cores, common mode choke coil nanocrystalline cores have much higher permeability. Compared with ferrite, it has a considerable inductance level in the lower frequency range of <100 kHz, and has fewer turns, which saves copper consumption and improves efficiency. At high frequencies, the damping behavior depends more on the nature of the winding (such as winding capacity). All in all, the nanocrystalline choke has obvious broadband damping characteristics, which can be realized with a smaller size.

In terms of specific applications, industrial power supplies, drivers, and solar converters have high requirements for efficiency and size; on the other hand, in a wide temperature range, small size, light weight and durability are indispensable. For example, in new energy vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and national defense applications, nanocrystalline magnetic cores can perform outstanding tasks.

Life Saving Device

Many countries/regions in the world have begun to install "Ground Fault Current Interrupter" (GFCI). In the event of an electrical accident, these devices will cut off the main voltage circuit to ensure human safety. The main component of GFCI is a differential current transformer. Permalloy magnetic cores have been used on a large scale for differential transformers, but now, nanocrystalline magnetic cores have replaced permalloys on a large scale because they are more sensitive and can achieve miniaturization of equipment. At the same time, at least one nanocrystalline nucleus can be found in almost every European household. This also shows that nanocrystalline magnetic cores have begun to be used on a large scale.

SAT Amorphous

The standard size of SAT Amophous nanocrystalline cores ranges from 6 mm to over 250 mm, and is provided in a plastic protective box or epoxy coating. SAT Amorphous can also design nanocrystalline magnetic cores with different permeability levels according to customers' specific applications. Although for some customers, they still choose traditional materials in the majority, but from the large-scale application of GFCI and smart meters, the excellent performance of nanocrystalline magnetic cores has fully proved its competitiveness.

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