Nanocrystalline Material Applications 2020

November 12 , 2020

Nanocrystalline Materials Applications in 2020

Because nanocrystalline materials have exclusive, favorable physical, chemical and mechanical properties,  they can be used in applications below.

High sensitivity sensor

High-sensitivity sensors use their sensitivity to accurately detect changes in different parameters. Basically the parameters include chemical activity, thermal conductivity, resistivity of components, permeability of magnetic core and magnetic ring and capacity. All these parameters largely depend on the materials used in the sensor. The physical, chemical or mechanical properties of sensor materials reveal changes in the sensor environment, and these properties can be used for detection. It is known through experiments that reducing the grain size can greatly increase the rate and extent of the reaction. Therefore, sensors made of nanocrystalline materials are highly sensitive to changes in the environment. Common applications for sensors made of nanocrystalline materials are ice detectors on aircraft wings, smoke detectors, and automotive engine performance sensors.

More info about sensor please click here: The Application of Amorphous Alloy in Sensor Field

Fuel cars and new energy vehicles

The engine of a traditional car consumes a large amount of gasoline and increases environmental pollution when the fuel is incompletely burned. And the traditional spark plug can't make gasoline completely burn. At the same time, electrical faults and spark plug wear can exacerbate the problem.

Compared with traditional materials, nanocrystalline materials have stronger corrosion and wear resistance, so they are ideal materials for making spark plugs. Spark plugs using nanocrystals have longer service life and more fuel combustion. At the same time, in new energy vehicles, magnetic rings and inductors made of nanocrystalline materials make new energy vehicles more energy-efficient and energy conversion efficiency higher.

More info about nanocrystalline application in new energy vehicles:Application of Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Alloys in Automobile Vehicles


SAT Amorphous believes that nanocrystalline materials can be used in a variety of special, new and existing applications. With its excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties, as well as good formability, the performance of nanocrystalline materials has exceeded that of traditional materials. Will play a greater advantage in the future.

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