5 Common Applications of Inductor in 2020

October 13 , 2020

5 Common Applications of Inductor in 2020

As one of the basic circuit components, inductors play an important role in related applications, from starting engines to energy storage and conversion. Its working principle is that when current passes, the inductor will store most of the energy in the magnetic field, and the amount of energy stored is inversely proportional to the core loss. Common mode inductors are composed of toroidal cores, winding sets, and cables.

Inductors made of traditional materials such as ferrite, size is one of their biggest problems. Ferrite inductors usually squeeze the space of other components and significantly increase the weight of the entire circuit. Such problems exist in the large inductors used in some technical analog circuits. SAT Amorphous uses iron-based amorphous/ nanocrystalline materials to manufacture soft magnetic cores, which can effectively reduce the volume, mass, and noise of the magnetic core during operation.

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1. Traffic Light Sensors

Reliable, easy-to-operate non-contact sensors can always be favored in electronic equipment.

The traffic signal lights at the crossroads can be used to monitor the traffic flow in real time through sensor equipment, and at the same time carry out signal adjustment. These sensors are very suitable for motor vehicles. Inductive sensors mainly have the following two characteristics:

a. The object to be detected must be magnetic and able to sense current in the sensor,

b. The sensor must be energized. These are the main characteristics of inductive sensors, and the design scheme needs to be adjusted according to them in the application.

SAT Amorphous can provide sensor design and manufacturing services according to user needs.

2. Current Filters

Usually inductors are used together with capacitors and resistors to create filters for analog circuits and digital signal processing. Since the impedance of the inductor is proportional to the signal frequency, the inductor can also be used as a low-pass filter alone.

When an inductor is used in combination with a capacitor, a notch filter that only allows a specific frequency range to pass can be generated. Such filters can be used in most electronic devices. The filters made by SAT Amorphous are small enough to be widely used in precision instruments.

3. Motor Stators

The inductor is usually a fixed position in the motor. The working principle of the induction motor is to use the magnetic field on the inductor to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The induction motor has been improved in design and can generate a rotating magnetic field by inputting alternating current. The rotation speed is controlled by the input current frequency, so induction motors are usually used in electric vehicles for cruise control, fans and other applications, and can be directly powered by a 50/60 Hz power supply. The biggest advantage of the induction motor is that there is no electrical contact between the rotor and the stator, which will reduce the loss during operation and extend its life.

4. Current/ Voltage Transformers

Transformers are a basic part of the national grid. There is a transformer in most power supply, its function is to increase or decrease the voltage to the required level.

It should be pointed out here that the current change produces a magnetic field, and the current change speed is proportional to the operating efficiency of the transformer. The higher the input frequency, the higher the impedance of the inductor, which will limit the effectiveness of the transformer. The advantage of high frequency is that the transformer required to transmit the same load is smaller and lighter. Using SAT Amorphous amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic core can effectively reduce the volume and weight of the transformer by 20%-35%.

5. Energy Storage Devices

Because the way that inductors store energy is different from capacitors, once the power is turned off or the magnetic field disappears, the energy of the inductor will return to zero. Therefore, inductors are mainly used for energy storage in switching power supplies, such as PC power supplies. In simpler non-isolated switching power supplies, an inductor is usually used instead of a transformer and energy storage components. In these applications, the ratio of the inductor's power-on time to the power-off time determines the ratio of input to output voltage.

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