SAT Amorphous Technology

July 15 , 2020

SAT Amorphous Technology

Amorphous alloy has low free volume and thin thickness, so it can be made into different specifications and shapes by winding or pasting. It is characterized by no clear grain boundaries like metal, so it has better wear resistance, magnetic permeability and corrosion resistance. Amorphous alloy has higher toughness and less brittleness than other metals and ceramics.

Amorphous alloys have many characteristics. In particular, they are stronger than conventional metals, and compared with them, they can withstand greater elastic deformation. The reason why amorphous alloys has higher strength is due to its own amorphous structure, and the amorphous structure itself has no restrictions, so it can be widely used in various energy conversion places, such as between electrical energy. The mutual conversion (transformer, electronic components, etc.), and the conversion between electrical energy and thermal energy (amorphous underfloor heating system with amorphous ribbon).

SHENZHEN AMORPHOUS TECHNOLOGY is a global leader in amorphous alloy solutions.SHENZHEN AMORPHOUS TECHNOLOGY has many industries in terms of material substitution (amorphous materials to replace ferrite, silicon steel, etc.) and new product development (amorphous floor heating systems) experience and mature solutions.The amorphous material products are used in many industries. In terms of reducing the volume of components, reducing component noise and improving energy conversion efficiency, we are the long-term strategic partner of well-known international companies such as ABB, SE, SMA,etc. There are mature solutions for customers to choose from in different industries.

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